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Title: Hey, Who's On Fire?

Rating: NC-17

Pairing(s): Byakuya/Kenpachi/Ichigo! Sexy, right?

Warnings: Smut, threesomes, and gay sex. What else do I write?

Disclaimer: I do not own Kenpachi, Byakuya, Ichigo, or any of the assorted characters mentioned in this fic. Tite Kubo does!

Author's Notes- This is for you megan_moonlight! Also, we're assuming this is in the future and Ichigo belongs to the seventh division.

Summary: Next time, when Yachiru said Ken-chan and Bya-kun were playing, Ichigo would just turn around and go back the other way.

Ichigo grumbled to himself as he wandered down the halls of the Eleventh Division barracks. He'd finally given in to Kenpachi's whining for a fight and now he couldn't even find him! And no one other than Yachiru seemed to know where he was. Apparently Zaraki was with Byakuya "playing".

He continued walking until he reached the door Yachiru had described, and finding it ajar, Ichigo walked up to it without thinking. He peeked in the door to see if they were in there an gasped. Next time, when Yachiru said Ken-chan and Bya-kun were playing, Ichigo would just turn around and go back the other way. Was he sure that *that* was what he saw?

Ichigo peeked around the door and sure enough, the sight was still the same. Kenpachi was on his back on the futon grinning like he was fighting a really good battle. His long muscular legs draped over Byakuya's shoulder's as Byakuya thrust into him over and over again.

"Come on hime," Kenpachi goaded, "Is that the best you got?" Byakuya glared in reply and fucked him even faster and harder.

Kenpachi grinned ever harder, "That's more like it! Huh, Ichigo?"

Ichigo paused, startled and ran. Ran like a bat out of hell until he reached his quarters in the Seventh Division. He stood there leaning against the door he'd just slammed shut, mind going a mile a minute. Oh god. Zenpachi saw him. He saw him. He must think he was some kind of pervert. And with Byakuya in the picture there was no way he was ever going to win Kenpachi now. It really sucked that the two men he was most attracted to were already together.

He turned around and there in the flesh were Byakuya and Kenpachi. "Hey Ichigo," Kenpachi greeted. Ichigo stared and then turned to run- right into Byakuya's chest.

"I wouldn't do that Kurosaki," Byakuya calmly stated. "We have plans for  you." Kenpachi grinned even wider and stepped up behind Ichigo, trapping him between there bodies.

"Yeah, Ichigo," Kenpachi purred into his ear. "You're going to fuck me while Byakuya fucks you. And trust me, he's very good."

Ichigo gulped. That sounded vaguely menacing. And really really hot. There was no way he was going to turn this down.

"Okay," Ichigo said nervously. When they realized  he wasn't going to run, they eased up and gave him a little space. Ichigo calmly toed off his shoes and tabi and proceeded to strip off his shihakusho. He looked at the other two expectantly as they stood watching him.

"You saw that hime. Guess we better catch up," Kenpachi grinned as he shed his own clothes.

"I'll ask you again not to call me that," Byakuya stated with the air of one deigning to grace the presence of lower beings. The effect was somehow ruined by his state of undress and clear arousal.

Kenpachi slunk up to Ichigo and kissed him, strong arms wrapping around his lithe frame. He walked backwards, never breaking the kiss, until they reached the futon. Byakuya came up behind Ichigo and nibbled on his ear, tongue darting out to trace the shell. Kenpachi fell in a controlled fall onto the futon, pulling the other two with him.

"Alright," he growled. "Enough with this pussy foreplay shit." He grabbed a tube of lotion from the bedside table and thrust it into Ichigo's hand. Ichigo squirted some onto his hand and passed the bottle back to Byakuya. He slicked up his fingers and slowly pushed one into Kenpachi. At the same time Ichigo felt a  slim finger enter him. He worked his finger in and out, eventually replacing it with two fingers and then three as Kenpachi moaned in approval.

Byakuya was also up to three fingers inside Ichigo and was ready for more. He rubbed some lotion over his cock and handed the bottle to Ichigo. Ichigo coated his cock with the lotion and lined himself up at Kenpachi's entrance.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Kenpachi snapped as he wrapped his legs around Ichigo's waist. Oh that is is, Ichigo thought. He thrust in to the hilt and stopped, not wanting to come too fast at the feeling of Kenpachi's hot, tight ass. Byakuya took that moment to tilt Ichigo's hips up and thrust in. Ichigo screamed in pleasure and rutted into Kenpachi instinctively. Kenpachi laughed in pleasure at the momvement and at the surprise on Ichigo's face.

Soon the three found their rhythm, with Byakuya thrusting into Ichigo forcing Ichigo to thrust into Kenpachi who had a hand on his cock, jacking off to the same rhythm. He came first, coming onto his and Ichigo's chests. The tightening of Kenpachi's muscles threw Ichigo over the edge and he roared in pleasure as he came. Byakuya held out for a little longer, thrusting into Ichigo faster and faster until he too reached his completion.

They untangled themselves and fell in a heap together onto the futon, Kenpachi in the middle. Does life get any better than sex with two unbelievably fuckable men, Kenpachi asked himself as he fell asleep in Ichigo and Byakuya' embrace


( 6 enlightened — Enlighten me )
Nov. 3rd, 2009 05:45 am (UTC)
This is... this is... this fic is A PURE WIN! *__________*
OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I WISHED FOR! All thre are so awesome and it's sexy and totally greatand I can't find the right words how much I adore this fic and you right now!


Oh, damn, now I have to do a lot of work to repay you for this fic! <3333
Nov. 3rd, 2009 07:53 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I was kind of worried you wouldn't like it. I'm pretty insecure about my smut. If you like this you should read my other fics! I know I have a Ben/Kevin smut fic.

I am so glad you liked it! And I'm glad it was everything you pictured! I still can't believe I managed to get Kenpachi topped by two different people in the same fic!

*hearts back*

It was my pleasure baby!
Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:48 am (UTC)
I told there was no way I wouldn't like it! ;)
I'll read your other fics for sure!
Nov. 3rd, 2009 05:44 pm (UTC)
Aw thanks!
Dec. 19th, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
Awwww i love this fic and this pairing. I´m a hugh Byakuya/Ichigo fan, and with Ken-chan in, thats a win!

*hughs tight* totally awesome ^^
Dec. 19th, 2009 07:28 pm (UTC)
I'm a huge Ken/Ichi fan and with Byakuya in it's a win!

*hugs tight back* Thank you!
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